Hi I’m Rebekah and I run 

The Bold Type Training & Consultancy. 

Who are we?  Well, we are a childcare business consultancy and coaching company. Sounds a bit high level, right?

What that really means is that we work with childcare businesses to support the things that they are struggling with, and that could be anything involved with running your setting.

No, I really mean it. Anything! It depends on what YOU need help with and what YOU want to achieve. It’s a bold, bespoke service.

What I spend most of my time doing though, is coaching childcare business owners. 

I coach childcare entrepreneurs to dig a little deeper and unlock the magic and potential in their businesses so they can have more time, energy and freedom to practice how they want to, but ultimately make their businesses more profitable 

Our sector is one of the most regulated and at times it can stop us from being as unique as the children, families and team of people that we nurture and grow. 

The pressure of this responsibility can often lead to worries and constraints, but does that come from hearsay and insecurity or from a position of understanding, clarity and confidence? 

My Coaching is there to guide and inspire you to unlock the potential in your business and think boldly about how to make it happen. 

We focuses on specific issues and we work through these together, helping people to perform at their best by unlocking the potential and solutions that they already have within themselves and take really positive action.

If that sounds like something that’s for you,  drop me an email at rebekah@theboldtype.co.uk and we can see if we are a good fit for each other! 

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Or, come and join the community in a Facebook group I host called The Childcare Collective – we’d love to have you there. 

With love 

Rebekah x 

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